Wealth Structuring and Family Office

With expertise in international commercial transactions, international group re-structuring and tax planning, Verfides is ideally positioned to provide the wealth structuring solutions necessary to facilitate an important business deal or the advice required to optimise asset-management and holding activities.

Estate and succession planning as well as financial and tax planning are key in wealth preservation and transfer. Our experience and expertise make Verfides the ideal professional partner to a modern, large Family Office. As part of our family office offering we also provide discreet and effective day-to-day PA and concierge services to family members.

International Group Reorganisations

With jurisdiction-specific taxation and corporate-regulatory developments continuously occurring, multinational groups must remain flexible and able to adapt promptly to the changes in the worldwide marketplace that are outside their control. Our global reach and expertise in the fields of tax planning and corporate structuring enable Verfides to design the group structure most beneficial to each client and their business.

International Trading Structuring

Globalisation in international trade has increased competition but also provided new opportunities for entrepreneurs to structure their trading businesses efficiently. Verfides is well positioned to advise clients on optimum and tax efficient structures to make the best of their trading businesses.

Analysis of clients’ businesses and markets, looking at individual country corporate tax rates and using international Double Taxation Agreements effectively is all part of the initial assessment Verfides will make for every client.

The use of respected, well-regulated and tax-favoured jurisdictions in international trading to open branches, subsidiaries or stand alone trading companies offer opportunities for the international trading needs of today’s businesses.

Verfides will seek optimum solutions and tax efficiency for its clients. This is essential for competitiveness in a global marketplace where competitors constantly seek out every cost and strategic advantage.

Investment Holding & Wealth Management Structures

A key component for effective investment and holding structures for wealth management is the establishment of companies, partnerships and/or trusts. These are commonly established for asset protection purposes but, if properly implemented, can also serve to mitigate tax liabilities. Holding companies for equity investments can be particularly tax efficient if the optimal jurisdiction is chosen to eliminate withholding taxes on income and taxes on gains derived from shareholdings.

Whether a client requires advice on how to structure an investment in a foreign trading company, a holding structure for liquid assets, a portfolio of real estate or luxury yachts and aircraft, we bring our experience to advise on the most suitable and efficient structure. Tax consultancy expertise and a commitment to providing the highest level of quality and personalised service are skills we deliver to each client’s unique scenario.

From advice on investment holding to implementation and execution, Verfides is a trusted partner for investors worldwide.

Intellectual Property Structuring & Exploitation

We have extensive experience in the structuring of intellectual property management activities. Whatever the intellectual property is and wherever it is utilised, we design and implement the most efficient structures for the effective management of the products of our clients’ ingenuity. Our advice often focuses on structuring cross-border royalty flows to ensure minimal tax leakage. Our knowledge of tax-favoured intellectual property regimes in various jurisdictions is combined with expertise in tax treaty planning to produce a highly tax-efficient structure tailored to each client’s specific circumstances.

Image rights are an individual’s proprietary rights in the use of their image and other unique characteristics of their personality. These rights can be of enormous financial value to celebrities such as sportspeople and actors, as well as to the businesses who would wish to use the image of such recognisable persons to market their products. We have assisted many clients with tax planning to ensure the most efficient flow of revenue from their image rights. This may include the licensing of image rights to a dedicated corporate structure capable of protecting those rights as well as tax treaty planning to minimise the burden of withholding taxes in cross-border transactions.

Escrow Services

As a trusted professional adviser we are frequently a central player in major commercial transactions. Acting as Escrow Agent we are frequently relied upon for the safekeeping of funds on behalf of others.

Family Office Services

The diversity of our wealth management and specialised services allows wealthy and entrepreneurial families to rely upon Verfides for a variety of their business, investment and personal concerns.

In addition to acting as trustee for high-net-worth families, planning their tax affairs and managing their business and investment entities, whole families have come to rely upon Verfides to also assist with day-to-day PA and concierge services for family members.