Coming to the UK: Businesses & Individuals

Verfides offers a one-stop-shop for overseas businesses setting up in the UK as part of our full inward investment service. We also advise, support and enable high-net—worth individuals and their families to settle in the UK, including advice on obtaining UK Visas if necessary.

We are uniquely positioned in the UK marketplace in being able to offer comprehensive support to businesses establishing a presence in, and individuals relocating to, the UK.

Our clients often prefer to have one single adviser handling all of their consultancy, compliance and administrative requirements, whilst they focus on building their UK business and/or settling their family in a new country. This is where Verfides adds real value with its seamless multi-disciplinary approach. We never compromise on quality or client service.

There are a number of key areas in which we advise:

Establishing a UK Business Presence

An important piece of initial advice will concern the choice of an appropriate vehicle to establish a UK presence. This could be a representative office, a branch of an overseas company, a UK limited company or some form of UK partnership or joint venture.

International Tax Advice

The fact that a new UK business will often have both UK and non-UK stakeholders means that initial and ongoing tax advice must be fully international in scope.

It is also essential that inbound private clients obtain tax planning advice before they take up UK residence. UK tax residence will influence personal income and capital tax liabilities and may also have an impact on international trading and investment structures. With careful planning we can help you make the most of the UK’s favourable tax regime for those settling here from overseas.

Business Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing back-office tasks contributes to the efficiency of a business by enabling it to focus on its core income-producing activities.

We can provide full accounting, payroll, tax compliance and company secretarial services for businesses.

Visas for non-EU Citizens

The Tier 1 Investor Visa is becoming more and more popular amongst wealthy individuals and their families as a means of obtaining UK residence. The application process is designed to be simple but must be managed carefully to maximise the chances of success.

Other visas are available for individuals looking to generate significant economic activity in the UK, which we can also help to obtain. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa is available to those who wish to come to the UK to actively run a new or existing UK business. The Sole Representative Visa is available to an overseas employee of an established overseas business coming to the UK to open a representative office, branch or UK subsidiary.