Corporate and Fiduciary Services

Our experienced corporate & fiduciary teams provide effective administrative support for day-to-day business operations.

From preliminary planning and structuring advice through incorporation and into continuing day-to-day administration, our clients benefit from our expertise and experience in the corporate and fiduciary services sector.

Our global reach gives access to key onshore and offshore financial centres, directly or through our network of carefully selected partners.

Our corporate & fiduciary services include multi-jurisdictional company formations, provision of registered offices and correspondence addresses, provision of statutory officers such as directors and company secretaries, as well as nominee shareholding services. In addition to these we also provide advisory services as well as general administration, accounting, tax and legal support.

We especially pride ourselves on our professionalism and discreet approach when dealing with our clients and their businesses. Our professional integrity and adherence to strict internal corporate governance policies when providing fiduciary services has made Verfides a recognised partner of several prime international financial institutions.

Business Administration, Banking and Communications

Our clients often rely upon Verfides to undertake the administration of a corporate entity’s business on a comprehensive basis.

Initially this involves the opening of accounts with major banks around the world. On an ongoing basis it includes the day-to-day control of bank accounts and supervision of transactions, as well as the issuing of invoices and maintenance of a company’s financial books and records.

On behalf of a client company we can also attend to liaison and communications with customers, suppliers, external advisors and any other counterparties. We undertake the drafting of agreements, resolutions and general correspondence.

Our fiduciary teams are highly experienced in this role and so our clients rest assured that this work is completed to the highest standard.

Company Secretarial Services

The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that all statutory obligations are satisfied within applicable deadlines and for coordinating the internal procedural functions of a company.

This is a time-consuming task which requires an understanding of local law and regulations as well as knowledge of the legal and administrative framework of a company.

The in-depth knowledge and experience of our qualified staff makes Verfides the perfect choice for an outsourced company secretarial services provider.