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Changes to UK Company Law to be implemented in March 2024

In the Autumn of 2022, the UK Government published the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill which was designed to deliver several areas of reform in the way that UK companies and partnerships are formed and maintained, particularly in terms of the information that must be provided to Companies House.

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Irish Budget 2024 – Tax Measures

The Minister for Finance delivered his Budget speech for the coming year on 10th October 2023.

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Guernsey Partnerships: A Brief Guide

Guernsey is a British Crown dependency located in the English Channel. Guernsey has established itself as an international finance centre, offering a range of services including banking, insurance, investment funds, wealth management, and trust and corporate services. It is widely seen as one of the best regulated jurisdictions in the world for such services.

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Summer Statement 2020 - Plan for Jobs

On 8th July 2020, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled his ‘Plan for Jobs’ policy with a host of measures designed to boost the UK economy and to protect businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality industry.  We set out below the key announcements.

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UK Taxation of Reporting and Non-Reporting Funds

Reporting and Non-Reporting Funds are taxed differently in the UK so it is important for investors to understand the distinctions and the potential impact on UK tax liabilities.  Broadly, a non-reporting fund is any offshore fund that does not have HMRC reporting fund status.  Offshore fund administrators can apply to HMRC for reporting fund status provided certain criteria are satisfied.  HMRC publish a list of funds that have reporting fund status on their website.

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Company Taxation and Covid-19

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions placed on international and domestic travel, individuals and businesses are having to adapt to different working practices.  Many senior executives and directors are working from home, and some may find themselves in the position where they are unable to leave the UK to travel home or to their normal place of work.

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Tax at a glance

Hover over a pin to see that nation’s tax rates. Click for more detailed information.

      Corporation Tax-main rateCorporation Tax-reduced rateCapital Gains TaxVAT - main rateReal Estate TaxReal Estate Transfer TaxCapital/Stamp Duty on SharesWith-holding Taxes - Non Treaty - DividendsWith-holding Taxes - Non Treaty - InterestWith-holding Taxes - Non Treaty - RoyaltiesWith-holding Taxes - Non Treaty Various - Fees
UK19%-20%20%-0% - 15%0.5%-20%20%-
Ireland12.5%0%33%23%-1% - 2%1%20%20%20%-
Austria25%-25%20%0.2% - 1%3.5%-25%-20%20%
Belgium33.99%6.8% - 31.93%33.99%21%1.25% - 2.5%0% - 12.5%Max €80030%30%30%-
Brazil15%-15-22.5%17%-19%0.3% - 1%2% - 6%--15%15%-
Cyprus12.5%--19%-3% - 8%0.6%--5% - 10%-
Germany15.825%-15.825%19%1.5% - 2.3%3.5% - 6.5%-26.38%26.38%15.83%-
Hong Kong16.5%----0% - 15%0.2%--4.95%-
Italy27.9%-27.9%22%0.76%9% - 13%€200 fixed26%26%22.5%-
Luxembourg26.01%5.2% - 22.08%26.01%17%---15%---
Malta35%0% - 10%35%18%-8% - 10%2%----
Mexico30%-30%16%-2% - 4%-10%4.9% - 21%25% - 35%25%
Netherlands25%5% - 20%25%21%Variable6%-15%---
Portugal21%17%21%23%0.3% - 0.8%5% - 10%Variable25%25%25%15% - 25%
Russia20%0 - 8.5%-7%3% - 16%Variable0.2%15%20%20%-
Singapore17%0% - 8.5%-7%3% - 16%1% - 3%0.20%-15%10%17%
Spain25%25%28%21%0% - 1.3%6% - 7%1%19%19%24%24%
Switzerland8.5%-8.5%7.7%-1% - 3%0% - 1%35%35%--


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